Run-Gooder #4 – Emily


Meet Emily!  Not all of Runners Doing Good followers are Stateside.  Emily is a UK runner and has been a follower of our twitter handle for awhile and is also a beneficiary of what our growing community can do as we helped contribute to her running goal.

She started running to get in healthier shape but to set a good example for her girls, which from the sound of it is working out splendidly as they’re running with her regularly and have a goal of running a 5k together in 2019!

She says, “When I started running, a 5k was my goal.  Never did I imagine that I’d ever run a half marathon (twice!) and actually enjoy it, let alone sign up for the London Marathon, but that’s exactly what I’ve done!”

In April, she was offered a charity placement with WellChild, a national chairty for sick children, to run for them.  They provide essential, practical, and emotional support for seriously ill children, young people, and those who care for them across the UK to ensure they receive the best possible quality of care. They make it possible for children and young people with exceptional health needs to be cared for at home vs. a hospital, wherever possible.

She set a goal of 1600 pounds, which she thought was pretty daring but she really wanted to meet her goal.  She sold items she no longer used, made and sound dreamcatchers.  She organized a children’s magic show and coffee morning as well as 4 bucket collections in local supermarkets and garden centres as well as having a couple businesses, locally, that helped by sponsoring her.

All of that plus quite a few friends and family members pitched in to help but she also received support both from a donation standpoint and a marketing side to help her promote what she was doing from the Runners Doing Good community when we put the call out.

Asked what she thought when RDG popped up like we did and she said, “I was amazed to be honest!  The fact that people I’ve never met before were being so supportive of other runners stunned me.  The effect has rubbed off on me for sure, and I want to do my bit to help support other runners and their chosen causes too.”

And that’s what Runners Doing Good is about!  Lifting up great people, like Emily, who are doing good within their communities by using their time and talents on the road to make a difference.

If you know of any other Emily’s out there, please send them our way so that we can continue our mission of supporting other run-gooders!

Thanks for allowing us to share your story Emily and best of luck in London.  Keep us posted how it all goes!



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