Looking Forward

I saw this off of the “Power of Positivity” Page on Facebook, which is a great follow by the way, and I needed to share it as it’s really appropriate for where I’m at right now.

This whole Runners Doing Good thing has been very enjoyable and I’ve found the writing being therapeutic to a degree.  It has been fun even if the sledding is a bit tough in the beginning as viewership is initially low but it all started as part of operating a running team, Runnin’ Not Walken.

Runnin’ Not Walken started 4 years ago and during that time we made running to benefit a great local charity our sole focus.  In fact, until this fall, it was the only thing we focused on.

When you put that type of time and effort into something, you get really invested in something and it’s a great thing but it also feels like you’ve been punched in the gut when you’re going in another direction, even if it’s the right decision to make.  That also makes moving forward difficult at times.

About 3 weeks or so ago, I made the decision that shook me, in a lot of ways, to the core because not long before that, I had even stated openly that I had no interest in fundraising for anyone but our cause of choice. Things and situations change and I made a decision that I felt was the right one and I still stand by it.

So that all said, I feel like I’m in a weird spot.  I need to find that balance where I don’t see what’s lost and focus on what I have, which is a pretty kick-ass running group, which probably comes with 3/4 of the team in place ready and waiting to find out what direction we’re going in 2019.

There’s been a very real anxiety associated with worrying about what’s next and last night was the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a week.  That also accompanied sitting down with the Executive Director of Neighborlink Fort Wayne, Andrew Hoffman.  Andrew has this very calming demeanor about him that I appreciate.  I’ve not made a decision yet on what direction we go in but it is awesome to know that there are groups like Neighborlink Fort Wayne out there doing good in this world.

That opportunity and others I’ve had, have been a cool thing though and it does balance those feelings of anxiety out with excitement for what is next.  Growth comes from not doing the same thing over and over but from getting outside of your comfort zone and I feel like although this wasn’t planned, we’re poised for some considerable growth.

And that’s worth keeping the eyes pointed forward, even when the disappointment of the past still stings.


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