Run-Gooder #2 – Stephanie


So this page isn’t just about promoting fundraising causes.  Sometimes it’s about inspiration and I saw this tweet online a little over an hour ago and I hope that it’s ok to share this because as a dad of 3, I can say this….Mamas are amazing.  Tomorrow’s #GivingTuesday but who gives more than Moms?  If any fellas are raising their hands, they need to put them down because they’re sorely wrong!

A 17 month old and a 2 month old is beyond a full time job with all that’s involved in raising children and Stephanie was running 25 miles a week to get back running competitively, which I’m sure being exhausted from taking care of her kiddos was no easy task so in my book, that’s the definition of #runnersdoinggood.  The rest of her tweet was telling other moms to “stay the course of your path, my friends.”

Thanks for being an badass Mother Runner Stephanie and promoting such a positive message to other moms out there.

I absolutely loved seeing this so thank you, Kristen, for sharing Stephanie’s story.  I don’t know anything about either of you but I just thought this was pretty awesome and I had to share.  There’s far too much negativity in the world so to see someone supporting another like that, it was pretty cool so again, I hope it was ok to share it.  The world needs more of this!

Have a great evening you two and best of luck in all of your running adventures!




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