Giving Tuesday

We make a living by what we get.  We make a life by what we give. — Winston Churchill

Giving Tuesday is tomorrow and is a great opportunity to take the materialism of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, put it behind you and do a little good.  Yea, we all love getting the best deal out there but there aren’t too many days throughout the year where he focus is supposed to be on lifting up some of the best charities around.

Team Runnin’ Not Walken, has focused the last few years on Kate’s Kart, Inc., for our regular campaign and we’d certainly not discourage you from giving to them.  While we’re not working to benefit them in 2019, we are still big fans of their mission.

We’re not running a campaign at the moment, but we’re big fans of these local Fort Wayne area groups who would love your support if you’re looking for some great charities to give to on Giving Tuesday 2018:

  1. Neighborlink Fort Wayne – Work Hard. Do Good. Love Wins.  With a motto like that, how can you not like them?  Acting as an area bulletin board, they bring neighbors in touch with those around that need help on different projects whether that’s a need for a wheelchair ramp, their lawn mowed, or a new furnace or roof.
  2. Mad Anthony’s Children Hope House –  Their mission is to offer temporary, minimal-cost lodging to parents and families of children receiving medical care away from home.  The last thing a family needs to worry about is where to stay when they have to be away from home due to their child’s medical needs.  The Children’s Hope House is there to make one aspect of a difficult time a bit easier.
  3. Fort Wayne Trails – Their goal is connect people one trail at a time.  They really have done some wonderful things within the area the last several years to expand the trail systems here in the area.  While FW Trails may lack the sentimentality that some charities have cornered, they do have something that is remarkable and that’s that they can positively impact the lives of most all of here in the Fort Wayne area by making businesses more accessible or just by providing more areas for people to run, walk, or bike more safely than ever before.

And there are many more and not just in Fort Wayne where we live but beyond as well whether you’re a fan of the American Heart Association, Habitat For Humanity, St. Judes, etc., it doesn’t matter.  Just getting involved on Giving Tuesday is a pretty incredible thing and we’d highly encourage you to support a great charity on Tuesday to be a part of spreading a bit of goodness in the world on this special day.

What’s your favorite charity?

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