My List of Runnin’ Thanks

The 30 different runners who have run for Runnin’ Not Walken

Ryan, Nerk, Michael, Greg, Courtney, Andrew, Zach, Cherri, Colin, Ashley, Matt, Chris, Lucas, Joel, Hillary, Chris, Kelly, Melissa, Ruso, Tony, Carissa, Lori, Tayler, Amanda, Artie, Wyatt, Brandon, Ben, and Jenn, you all helped raise nearly $17,000 for Kate’s Kart across these 4 years that we’ve done this  and that helped make a hospital stay a bit easier for children here in Northeast Indiana and you should be incredibly proud of that fact.

The families of those runners 

Your support boosted us all.  Whether it was through encouragement, donating to our efforts, making sure that our runners had the time to train, or even covering our kids when those of us who have kids were away at the races.  We wouldn’t be able to do this without that love and support and for that we are forever grateful.

Our Sponsors

Without your generosity, continued belief in our team, and willingness to support what we do, this all would have ended  3 years ago.  You have made it increasingly easier for our runners to participate in this effort.  The result has been a growing fundraising engine that will continue to work on behalf of charity within Northeastern Indiana.  We  truly appreciate you all and look forward to talking with you about 2019 soon!

Our Donors

What can I say but thank you?  More and more of you have supported us from year to year and it’s humbling to have so many continue to believe in us.  Your continue generosity only emboldens us to continue to reach for the sky and it has enabled us to grow our campaigns every year we’ve done this and I’m sure you’ll have our back next year as well.

46 Graphics 

Simply put, you make us look good.  For 2 years straight, we have been told throughout the race that we have the best looking shirts at the race.  It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and I look forward to working with you again next year.

Sticker Mule

For the last 2 years, we’ve had Sticker Mule run our magnets for tagging vans at Ragnar Relays and not only is the price competitive, the quality is second to none.  We’ve had people from different vans asking us for more because people have  been stealing our Runnin Not Walken magnet off of their van!  It’s a really easy process to design and order the magnets and for that, we’re thankful.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

We have rented our passenger vans from you from the very beginning and the managers at your New Haven, IN store have been nothing but professional.  Even when there were mistakes that could have thrown us off course, they ultimately did what was right and that is tremendously appreciated.

Tim Green

If I ever get to be a good enough runner where it gets me brave enough, I’m going to do a Ragnar Trail or Ragnar Relay in Colorado and you’re going to be on it.  Your support and generosity have been amazing.  When someone you don’t know takes the time to encourage you and lights a flame that you can continue to not only do this but do it well, that’s a pretty remarkable thing.  I feel fortunate that you decided to cross our paths and I look forward to the day I can shake your hand and thank you personally.

Kate’s Kart, Inc.

For having our back and for your continued mission to be there for the hospitalized little ones of Northeastern Indiana when they are  feeling crummy and scared, THANK YOU.  When you combine what you do with how you got there, you are a true blessing and inspiration to our community.  We look forward to watching you grow and wish you nothing but continued success.

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