My List of Thanks


It’s never a bad time to reflect on what makes us thankful.  A year of progress, new friends, accomplishments, struggles, failures, and lessons learned all fit within that but it can be especially powerful as we approach the end of the year to focus on what makes us thankful.  We can focus on things we would do differently, things that upset us, struggles and the things we learned through them, another time.

Now is a time to be thankful.  Here’s what I’m giving thanks for this Thanksgiving:

My Family — When you are putting together a fundraiser that lasted the majority of the year, which was the longest we’d ever run one, and still trained and operated the running team, it doesn’t come without some level of sacrifice.  To have a spouse that’s a rockstar, who’s fully invested in this and making it as success, that’s a gift.  To have children and extended family who are super supportive of all we do, it’s a blessing and I can say unequivocally that I am a blessed man.

NeighborLink Fort Wayne and Andrew Hoffman — What they do for our community needs to be shouted from the mountain tops!  They are such a witness to what “doing the right thing” is all about.  I’ve mentioned it before but I just see how they look outwardly towards others to see where their help can be needed next and I find that truly inspiring.  More than once during this whole process I’ve had moments where I’ve had doubts about where this goes next and I don’t believe coincidentally enough, Andrew would post something, either personally, or through the NLFW social media channels that provided perspective and comfort to the thoughts I was having and I’m truly grateful to him for that on a personal level.

Runnin’ Not Walken — It’s been a great run, pun intended, and there have been so many good times, good runs, and good people involved.  How the team looks next year from the event to the runners to the cause(s) we’re hoping to benefit, could all look a good bit different but what remains from this wonderful time are a lot of great memories.

Running — This isn’t for just this past year but it is something that after dealing with pain from it in late 2018 and into the spring of this year, I have a greater appreciation for now than before.  Admittedly, I’m not as consistent with it as I should be and my waistline shows it but it’s something that 20 years ago I could never have foresaw enjoying, much less using as the base activity for a fundraising effort.  It’s become something that’s brought our family together since Jenn and I do this together and the kids enjoy the local events.  It’s something that when I do eat well and show some consistency in it that I find myself feeling better both physically but mentally and emotionally too.  It’s something that’s brought me into contact with great people and organizations.  It’s a blessing and I look forward to finding more consistency in 2020 than ever before.  There will be a time when I can’t do it any longer but today and as far as I’m concerned the foreseeable tomorrows are not those days.

This is a smaller list of thanks than last year but it’s a much more personal list too.  I hope this Thanksgiving is a day of continued joy for you.  If you have something or someone you’re thankful for, please share them or it with us all in the comments.



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