2022 Campaign Final Numbers


Going into this year, there was a ton of uncertainty towards how this campaign would play out. This was our first year, not working directly with a local non-profit and really approaching this solely on our own. It had to be a bit of a proof of concept that we could do this without all of the hoops that we jumped through to make things possible in the past.

That doesn’t mean that we took the easy road here. Some people may have taken their expenses for their event up front but we didn’t do that. We actually took ours last. You can debate the intelligence of that…I certainly did but we accomplished everything we set out to and then some. So here’s what we accomplished in 2022:

In total, our private donations came out to $6556, which would be the 2nd highest fundraising total that we’ve ever achieve.

In support of the Dee Family Adoption we were able to net them $9522 through the use of our fundraising operations, in conjunction with their Life Song matching grants. That’s why our overall fundraising number, will be counted as this number since without our efforts, that level of support wouldn’t have been possible. Call it cheating, but without using those grants, our net out would have been about $5000, which was our goal to begin with.

In all, we cannot thank our supporters enough as even in the last week of the fundraiser, prior to the raise, we received the last $100 needed to cover the costs of our operation. I had had some hope that we could have raised well beyond the remaining operational costs and drive what the Dees received to $10,000, however, when you almost double what your initial goal is, we have no complaints.

Finally, I cannot express enough thanks and gratitude to our donors and the team. It is always a monumental effort to achieve what we have in the past and to do this once again, it is a true blessing.

Here’s to whatever’s next!


Gabe & Runners Doing Good


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