Ragnar Trail Ohio is BACK!


Over the course of more than 1,100 miles of Ragnarian road, paths, and trails, you grow a bit of an affinity for the running series that has both challenged you to things you didn’t believe you could achieve and emboldened you to face that same challenge year after year.

Our team, because of how we are composed, has primarily stuck to races that have run within the midwest: Ragnar Chicago, which went from Madison, WI eastward to Milwaukee and then south onto the shores of Lake Michigan in Chicago, Ragnar Road Michigan, which runs from Muskegon north as it hugs the western coast of the mitten and finally meanders east around Honor, MI before finishing in Traverse City, and finally Ragnar Trail Michigan which is centered around the forest and hilly paths of Hanson Hills Rec Area in Grayling, MI.

That said, over the last few years, even some pre-pandemic, Ragnar has tapered back on some of its races. Some of its road courses, like Chicago’s race, even after an attempt in 2018 to simplify it with a northern Illinois startline heading to Madison, went by the wayside. It’s been a bit of a disappointment to see as the community surrounding these events is vibrant, exciting, and fun to be around.

So it was with a great delight that we heard a couple days ago and prior to the official announcement that Ohio Trail, which had last been run in 2016, is making a comeback!

That races last run was when we were just getting started. We hadn’t run trail races at that point and honestly, they all sounded very intimidating so we hadn’t run Trail Ohio but we are definitely considering it but we’re also hoping that it is the start of many other comebacks and, hopefully, new races hitting the calendar.

If you are a past runner of Trail Ohio or live in the area and are considering running it, use Gabe’s Ambassador Code, GAAMB22, to take 10% off your registration price. He gets points for every registration using his code and with enough points, he/we, will get a free race, which would be huge for us as we tiptoe towards being a non-profit group ourselves by keeping costs down.

Visit Ragnar’s Website to register now!

PS….Whether it’s Ragnar Trail, OH, you can use that code for any Ragnar Relay so if you have an interest in running one, don’t register without my discount!

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