One Week Away!


Make no mistake about this. There is absolute joy in thinking about next week but it’s really hard to imagine getting to this point. 2020, as mentioned a hundred times now was so hard but so was the ramping up to get here.

I didn’t know how easily people would support our efforts. I believed $5,000 was something we could do and it was a throttling back of a completely audacious goal. Originally, I wanted to hit $10,000. I’m glad we readjusted our outlook. For one, it was more realistic. I just couldn’t anticipated how slow sponsorships would come in.

In fact, it’s just now happened where gifts to help cover costs go beyond our expenses. That’s the latest we’ve ever gotten to this point. I believe that’s 3 consecutive campaigns where we’ve covered our expenses and 100% of remaining gifts will go directly to NeighborLink. With so little time, I’m not sure how much business support will actually come in at this point but I’m holding out hope.

Either way, it’s a great time to tell our story again. Please watch the below video to see what we’re all about, why Neighborlink, and why Ragnar Relay!

This is Runners Doing Good

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