Let Us Be A Light


We Rise By Lifting Others

Roger Ingersoll

I’ve been thinking about the last day or two and where we are in the world and I can’t help but think….we can do better. The time for talk is over.

We. Can. Do. Better. We. Must. Do. Better.

Our actions have to meet the day. Our actions have to give hope. Our actions have to provide a light so that others may see it and be encouraged.

So here’s the promise: Runners Doing Good is committed to amplifying the stories of those doing good within our own community while still working our hardest to support NeighborLink Fort Wayne through our own campaign to raise awareness and money to benefit them so that they can continue to do the amazing work they perform within the city of Fort Wayne.

It is easy to get drug down into the negativity. May we all stand strong, steadfast, and committed to supporting each other as well as purposefully and intentionally drown out the negative by promoting the good in the world around us.

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