Thank You Andrew


In the fall of 2018, Runners Doing Good, then Runnin’ Not Walken, was at a crossroads. We had made the difficult decision to part ways with our original cause of choice due to a difference of opinion over how our team should operate. The team and I were so invested in them that although the decision was the right one for our team, it was still devastating. I would be lying today if I told you there wasn’t a part of me still stung by how that went down. Nonetheless, we really were at a place of uncertainty.

Would we continue? Who would we run to benefit? It was a time of much thought and research into the types of organizations that we’d want to work to benefit. It was really difficult to find one because there were so many good organizations out there but one kept coming up in conversation: NeighborLink Fort Wayne.

I decided to check out 3 different organizations, NLFW being one of them. The first two asked who I was in the running and I told them. Their response, “If you don’t choose to do something with us, you absolutely can’t go wrong with Andrew Hoffman and NeighborLink. He’s built something pretty special over there and they’re doing great things.” They couldn’t have been more right. NLFW and Andrew have been as advertised and then some and we are proud to continue that partnership today.

Andrew has left an indelible mark on our community and I’m sure will continue to do so even if he’s not the Executive Director of NeighborLink. As a small running group that didn’t work with him as closely as others did, we felt priviledged to have worked with him so I can only imagine how those that have worked with him all these feel right now.

He allowed us to be us. He didn’t dictate how we needed to do anything but gave us the flexibility to continue on as we have in the past to work to support the good that NLFW and he were doing within the community.

So it is with genuine sincerity that we thank him for his support and our best wishes for continued success in making our crazy world a little better.

If you’d like to read his press release, please visit NeighborLink’s blog:

Thank You For the Past 13 Years

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