Thanks to Our Sponsors

As we begin our quest to earn more support from the local business community, I’d like to thank those that have supported us in 2020 so far. We’d not be in such a good position for 2021 without them.

Coldwell Banker Roth Wehrly Graber & Sue Teasdale has been a supporter for several years now. Sue helped my wife and I purchase our starter home, sell it, and buy our current home that 6 years later, we’re still thrilled to be in. She wouldn’t have to support us but loves the mission of Runners Doing Good and especially NeighborLink Fort Wayne, our charity of choice and that’s why they continue to support our efforts.

OmniSource & Mike Franio have supported our running group several times over the years with 2020 being the most recent and most generous backing yet. Mike is a great guy who I was told to contact through from Artie, who doesn’t work with him any longer, so it’s pretty awesome that Mike still goes to bat for us to support what we do.

Last but certainly not least, Don Ayres Honda and Sara Ayres were the first local business to support us and have stayed with us since the very beginning. They are a big part of our community as they support many different causes and to continue to be one of them truly is an honor.

Visit our Sponsors Page to see their profiled page, plus any additional success stories we have as we add new sponsors for 2021’s team.

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