RDG’s Top 10 – #7 Night Moves ’19

NeighborLink Fort Wayne‘s Night Moves series of runs is pretty awesome. Being that 2019 was our first year running to benefit them, we wanted to make sure that we were able to participate in some of the events that they were putting on and we LOVED IT.

You can find a review of that race here.

What made this run special wasn’t because the course was awesome, which it was, or that the weather was so great, which it was, but because of the vibe of it and what it meant to the team.

2019 marked the 4th year the team was together, last as Runnin’ Not Walken, as well as the 5th Ragnar Relay that we’d be training for as part of our epic running efforts to make a difference in the community. That all said, it was the first time that anyone on the team got together to run together prior to the Ragnar.

We had Matt and Amanda, Chris, Kelly, Jenn, and myself and then Artie and Amanda showed up as we were finishing to enjoy the atmosphere there atFort Wayne Outfitters, which was really neat. Everyone that ran that night, ran for the fun of it. There was no official distance so how could you aim for a PR? It was about doing good and having fun and boy did we.

We got to run through Fort Wayne’s new Promenade Park, the weekend it first opened, and then all around through downtown seeing some of the beautiful murals that have popped up doing the last several years, all while the buzz of a couple day food and arts festival was winding. The atmosphere which is constantly building in downtown Fort Wayne was just wonderful that warm August night.

We even walked down to Hop River for a drink there after it was all over to catch up and hang out. As far as nights as part of this team go, this was pretty special.

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