Runners Doing Good Runs The Fort!


Uncle Sam’s right……WE WANT YOU!

Since 2015, we’ve hitched our wagon to large scale, long distance relay races as a way to say, “Support us because we’re doing something epic” but with the state of affairs in the world this year, we’re not going to be able to participate in Ragnar Trail Michigan, which was supposed to have been our 130 mile romp through the forested hills of Hanson Hills Recreation area of Grayling, MI. We’ll be heading back to that in 2021 but what do we do in 2020?

That’s been the question that we’ve been trying to figure out and I have to give Andrew Hoffman, NeighborLink Fort Wayne’s Executive Director credit for this one. He said, “People are buying into you, not just the event you’re doing.” After some thought, I believe he’s on to something. We’ve seen our total donations continue to increase through the years and the average amount of those donations continue to rise as well no matter who is running on the relay team.

Going forward, we will always attempt to do a relay event. I think it’s important but we want to lean into our community more. We’ll get better exposure that way and hopefully deeper connections that’ll result in our cause of choice benefiting from our efforts even more.

So here’s the primary thing we’re going to do:

  • Place runners in the annual Fort 4 Fitness races. So far we have 4 that will be participating in the 10k. We have space for about 20 more. Runners qualify for the team by raising $50 for NeighborLink Fort Wayne. RDG will provide a team shirt to be worn during the race.
  • Put a great push on selling our wristbands and merchandising. The more of those that we can sell, the better off the team will be and less reliant on sponsors. If you’d like to purchase one, visit our Store!

Additionally, we know it’s difficult for businesses right now to commit to anything as a sponsor, much less the full amount we ask. We’re still going to reach out and if they can give anything, we’ll accept it.

With just running the Fort 4 Fitness, we’re not needing all of the sponsorship money we’ve used for the annual relay so 100% of anything a business gives us this year will be counted as sponsorship but go directly to NeighborLink Fort Wayne.

Our goal is to support our community, through NeighborLink Fort Wayne’s mission, one mile at a time. Who’s with us?


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