Runnin’Not Walken Update 5/8

I just wanted to touch base since it’s been a minute or two to update everyone on what’s going on with Runnin’ Not Walken.

We have seen a few members of the team participate in some big races of late. Three of the team’s newest runners, Matt and Amanda Herald, and  Kelly Kreischer all participated in the 500 Festival Indy Mini, also battling the rain over the course of their 13.1 miles.  Matt and Amanda have run this race several times but this was Kelly’s first half marathon so special congrats go out to her.  Michael Koehlke, a 3 time member of Runnin’ Not Walken competed in his first marathon, The Flying Pig in Cincinnati.  He’s come a long way in his running and he deserves a ton of credit for really going after it.  He’s still not run a half marathon as he skipped right over it to run a marathon, which is pretty impressive.

Secondly, we have a couple of new runners to announce.  We’ll have a full roster overview at some point but I’d like to officially welcome Amy-Jo Sites and Amanda Strack to the team.  Amy-Jo is a good friend of Matt and Amanda Herald’s and from everything I’m told, will be a great addition to our little group.  Amanda, actually joined the team last year as a driver and did a great job for us.  She’s never really run a lot so this is a big challenge for her and we’re excited that she’ll taking that challenge with us.

Lastly, our yearly campaign to benefit area charity has taken off!  Last Wednesday, May 1st, we ran a Fundraising Challenge.  If we hit $750 to benefit NeighborLink Fort Wayne, a very generous donor would match everything that we raise in the month of May.  Not only did we hit that, but we’re at $850 raised in May so far.  It’s shaping up to be a great fundraising month and one that’ll put us on a, hopefully quick path to our goal of $5,000.unnamed (2)

If you’d have any interest in supporting our efforts for NeighborLink Fort Wayne, please visit to donate today.  Since we hit our goal, anything you donate will be matched.  Thank you for your consideration.

That’s it for now but it’s been a wonderful few weeks and I’m truly excited to see how the rest of the year unfolds!




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