Runnin’ Not Walken Update #2

Just a quick update on how Team Runnin’ Not Walken is doing.  So far today, we’ve raised $300 to benefit NeighborLink Fort Wayne.  There’s a pretty exciting development there for May 1st.  We’ll be back in touch in the coming days and weeks on that so be on the lookout!

Nine of the 12 spots are locked in for the team with 2 of the 3 basically locked in.  It’s pretty exciting really.  Usually I’m scrambling for half a team and to only have 3 spots and know that 2 of those 3 are probably in pretty good shape, there’s no worries there.

Lastly, special thanks to Don Ayres Honda, our very first sponsor ever and first of ’19, a Bronze level sponsor and Coldwell Banker & Sue Teasdale who have come in as our very first Gold Level, $1000 sponsor!  So far, $1250 pledged in sponsorship.  We’re a quarter of the way to our sponsorship goal.

In all, it’s still very early in the season but with warmer weather, there’s more action to come.  Thank you to all of our supporters through the years.  We’re still very excited for what 2019 has to hold!


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