Wednesday Wisdom

I have been fortunate.  This whole process from the concept of just running a 12 person, 200-ish mile relay race has, for the most part, been somewhat easy.  I really can’t complain.

I have had the opportunity to do something “more” with my time, talent, and treasure and share it with the people I love who are in turn bringing their time, talent, and treasure to the table too.  It’s been incredible and that’s why when I saw this picture, I had to share it, because it’s pretty profound.

You wouldn’t think it’d have to be because it seems like a pretty well understood idea to “surround yourself with people who will life you higher,” but it’s not always easy to come by, even with people you’ve known your whole life.

That first year, I really had a core group of family members and one cousin in particular pretty much filled out the rest of the team.  That year was so unique because many of us group up together and hadn’t had the opportunity to hang out in such a long time that I felt like a kid again as we traversed the trails of Wisconsin to Chicago together.  It was my 2 closest cousins who group of 50 feet away.  One of them brought their girlfriend, now wife, so even she was family.  The other two runners in my van were two of my best friends who I’d done all sorts of crazy stuff with in the past and we were all married and busy with life but here we were.  It was almost surreal because other than Ruso, Joel’s wife, we had all known each other since were were very young so that bad jokes, pop culture references, catch phrases, and blasts from the past came crashing back for a 40+ hour reunion tour.

The years since then have been different in many ways, mostly pleasant but the common denominator has been the relationships.  No matter how long ago someone went back, whether it was a new runner or a friend who wasn’t a runner who just thought, “what the hell…let’s see where this goes,” there’s been a kindness and genuine vibe of support for one another.

It’s been a beautiful thing and as we continue here in 2019, I just want to say to Jenn, Matt, Amanda, Kelly, Cherri, Ryan, Michael, and Andrew, I’m blessed to have you along for the adventure because you definitely push our group higher by your presence.

May you all be as fortunate to have such a great group around you as well.

Happy Wednesday everyone!




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