On Inspiration

“Dreams and dedication are a powerful combination” – William Longgood

Inspiration….where does it come from?  It can be anything really.  It doesn’t have to be something profound but it causes movement within you and changes you somehow. I’ve had the pleasure of being surrounded by  great groups of people over the last few years.  Whether it’s the team and leadership at Kate’s Kart or Neighborlink Fort Wayne, one of my 30 team mates that have run a Ragnar with me since 2015, or just some of the people that I’ve encountered through this process of writing a blog, it’s pretty special.

There have definitely been some moments of inspiration:

We never would have run a Ragnar had a local runner on Twitter post not about her adventure in Tennessee with her teammates from Fort Wayne.  To whomever you are, thank you.

The team never would have gone down the path of deciding that we should do this for a greater cause if it weren’t for a team member’s thought to do so.  The decision to run on Kate’s Kart’s behalf wouldn’t have happened if not for a Facebook post by a runner’s wife posting about them on Facebook.

We never would have thought to attempt the effort again if it weren’t for all of the friends, families, coworkers, and supporters that donated so generously that first year and proving to us that we can do even more than we ever thought possible.

 We certainly would not have run it beyond the second year if it weren’t for the generous sponsors who started to get behind our efforts and essentially covered costs for us so that it was easier for our runners to participate in this without too much financial burden upon them or their families.  Their support has only emboldened us to keep going.

When we were looking for a new charity to benefit, we feel blessed to have come upon NeighborLink Fort Wayne and Team NeighborLink.  Your dedication to our community is amazing to us all and inspires us to continue running to help further your cause but more profoundly, to be better neighbors to those around us as well.

Runners Doing Good would not exist without the generosity, kindness, and support of Tim Green who has inspired us all to support other runners and their efforts because if we don’t, “Who will?”

To those runners willing to share their adventures, causes, and sunshine with the world, you are amazing examples that we can hold up to inspire others.  Thanks to you all for letting Runners Doing Good to be a part of that.

To the runners of Runnin’ Not Walken, we’d not keep this going were it not for your dedication to your training, the team, and to the cause.  You make us all stronger and keep us running in the same direction.

Very personally…to my wife, Jennifer.  This crazy adventure started as an idea in the fall of 2014.  Our youngest was still several weeks away from being born.  Looking back, the timing probably wasn’t the best but you made it work.  Your love and support has been unwavering even when all that we do isn’t easy.  The fundraising and all of that is nice but my greatest source of happiness is when I see yours.  It’s not easy being a mom and whether it’s an easy training run or seeing you during the Ragnar and talking about how you didn’t walk once during your most recent leg, it’s pretty special and I am continually inspired by you.  None of this would have happened if you weren’t on board that first year and now you’re as big of a part of this as anyone.

As you can see, there’s been an awful lot of growth from where this all start to where it is today and none of it would have taken place without the people, events, businesses, and causes that have inspired something within us during this time that have continued to nudge us in the direction we’re supposed to be.  I can’t wait to see what’s next.

What is most definitely next is that at the very least, every Sunday, starting February 24th, expect a Sunday Inspiration.  It could be showcasing a Run-Gooder, something that’s been inspirational in this runnin’ and bloggin’ adventure, or just a feel good to start your week.


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