Happy February!


I saw this the other day and it got me thinking and I just had to share.  It’s a pretty simple message but it’s the kind of thing that can turn into a pretty inspirational message for our efforts here, maybe even a mission statement: To Be A Light of Hope & Encouragement for Runners Everywhere!

Admittedly, over the last 4-6 weeks, I promoted a good amount of runners, many of whom I’ve known before and were easy to write stories on but you can only do that so long.  If this is something that’s going to continue over the longer term, we need to slow the pace down a little bit on that a bit unless you all start sending us ideas for a lot more to feature.

So here’s a bit of what to expect over the next month or two:

  • 2-3 featured runners per month
    • Hopefully featured in February and March:
      • A reporter turned world runner
      • A group of runners running a Ragnar to raise awareness for a genetic syndrome in children
      • A multi-year run streaker
      • An elite runner who has faced and fought a rare cancer and looking to get back on the track while raising money for her foundation to support rare cancer research
  • A few updates on Runnin’ Not Walken and how are efforts to raise money and awareness for NeighborLink Fort Wayne are progressing.
  • An update or two on my own running journey as I aim towards a healthier lifestyle as part of my training for the Indy Mini in a few months.
  • Hopefully more positive stories or inspirational reminders that we can be better, we can promote the positives in the world to drown out the negatives, and just overall be there for our fellow runners.
  • Speaking of being there for our fellow runners, I’d like to start in March, to nominate and support 1 runners cause.  We’ll come to an agreement on what that  cause is and then all who agree to take part, will donate $5-$10 per person with the hope that this builds and we can bring more and more folks into the fold.

So with that, as you are trying your best to not over do it while you’re watching the big game today, think of ways that you can be a light of hope and encouragement for others.  If there’s someone you know that should be featured, send the info our way at runnersdoinggood@yahoo.com .

Thanks and Go Rams!







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