Thursday Thoughts

Just a couple ideas or thoughts for this Thursday, January the 17th….

Running and training in the winter is hard.  Training any time is difficult but when you throw snow and 20 degrees…No Thanks!

My motivation is low right now.  I should be better and I was excited about running the Indy Mini is a big deal.  I’m feeling a bit of pressure to start early but see the above…

The fundraiser to benefit NeighborLink has started but we’re still at zero.  Be on the look-out for a video to pop up tomorrow.  The first dollars will be going in….

I’ve had 2 new Run-Gooders agree to profiles in the week(s) ahead.  This has been one of the true blessings of this blog.  There’s some pretty amazing people out there….

Speaking of amazing! If you know of anyone who’d be a great profile as a Run-Gooder, send them our way!  It’s not as easy as it seems but there’s some truly unique runners out there….

What’s a good late afternoon snack to ward off hunger so I don’t choose to eat instead of work out after work?

Running late is better than running early but the differences aren’t that much…..

13.1 still seems huge.  I can’t wait till it’s less worrisome.

And one last thought…..

Eating a burrito before a long run = bad idea…just saying.

Thanks for playing along and have a great day folks!





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