Run-Gooder #6 – Michelle

So the cool thing about doing this blog is that I get to be on the look-out for inspirational people.  Fortunately, there’s an abundance of them but I’m not just looking for anyone who’s remarkable, I’m looking for runners.  Runners just take it up another notch and this one in particular, finds another gear.

Meet Michelle!  Michelle, according to her Twitter handle, @dreaminofmysoldier , is an Oregonian, Nuun & Pro Compression ambassador, gymnaholic, & married to a very adorable soldier as well as being obsessed with her 2 dogs and runner with the belief that life is an adventure.  Those are her words and after noticing a post or two of hers, I had to ask her a couple questions.

Michelle had a running goal of 3018 miles in 2018.  I’m having a hard time just imagining hitting that.  The amount of time and discipline required to do that is amazing.  What’s awesome is that while maintaining a run streak, she’s also pregnant and has now totaled more than 1,800 miles while pregnant.  That’s absolutely amazing and I had to ask, what does running mean to her, especially while pregnant.  Her answer is below:

“Keeping my runstreak up while pregnant has been pretty important to me.  I haven’t experienced half of the symptoms a lot of people have, like morning sickness, and I think there’s a part of it that’s because of my running and staying active.”

“I also haven’t put on a ton of weight, in part because of running.  I also want to set a good example for my daughter and I want to inspire others to get out there and try.  I mean, if a pregnant girl can get out there and try to run, why can’t anyone else?”

“Most moms could spare the 10 minutes for themselves each day and the rewards for the run are definitely worth it.  One you start a daily routine, it can become a habit!”

As you can tell, Michelle is pretty awesome.  Her positive attitude shines bright and as a mom-to-be who’s run more than 1800 miles, she’s reached rockstar status!

She’s a perfect example for what I try to do here, celebrate runners everywhere who are doing amazing things so please take a couple moments and salute Michelle, in the comments, for her amazing example of what truly is capable.  Thanks for letting me feature you Michelle.  You rock!

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