How Do You Stay Motivated?

It’s mid-December and Thanksgiving is a couple weeks ago, the holiday parties are commencing, and Christmas and New Years are looming and it begs the question: How do you stay motivated?  Here in NE Indiana, the snow isn’t exactly flying but we’ve seen the sun maybe 5 times in the last 50-some days.  I wish I were joking about that.  It’s not exactly been warm either.  It was scorching hot here till late September in spots and I was really looking forward to some moderate weather that would have been great for running and spending time outside.

Instead, I found myself at that Garth Brooks concert with running tights under my jeans, 2 pairs of socks, a t-shirt on, a thermal shirt on top of that with a long sleep shirt on top of it, and a t-shirt on of that, with a heavy winter Columbia coat covering all of that, and a fleece lined Notre Dame sock hat on and winter gloves as well.  Oh, I also covered that with a rain poncho that, at first kept the rain away, but ultimately added another layer that held in heat.  I wasn’t cold but let’s face it, it shouldn’t have snowed that much in Indiana in October much less nearly 2 weeks before Halloween!

Since that time, it has been pretty consistently gray and anywhere from 30-40 degrees.  I can’t remember a day until this past weekend where I thought to myself, “It’s nice out” and that struck me as funny because we’ve barely made it to mid-December and are already thinking that 47 is nice.

Now with 2 major holidays ahead in the next 2 weeks with more festivities intermingled in there with drinks and food to be consumed, temptation is firmly at your side trying to get you to have one more treat, one more hot-cocoa, or one more glass of bubbly.  It’s not an easy time of the year to stick to a plan, to say the least so the question is begged, “How do you stay motivated?”

I mentioned in a previous entry, What Did I DO?!?! , that running has always been secondary to the team goals that I’ve had and how I took some action to remedy that a bit but this time of the year always kills me.  I would love to hear your tips for staying on track motivationaly with your nutrition and activity during this most difficult time.

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