What is a “Run-Gooder”?

It is a do-gooder, that is willing too make their beating of the pavement meaningful.  It’s sacrificing hours of training, the aches, pains, and hard earned sweat that accompanies it all, all for the greater good of others in some fashion.

That all said, it’s not just elite runners participating in a marathon to raise money for a children’s charity.  A Run-Gooder can be a mom that needs that 45 minutes on the trail to help her escape the craziness of the kids and because of that, is a better mom.  It could be a dad that’s lived a life void of activity finally saying enough is enough and attempting a couch to 5k program, pulling it off, and realizing he’s more capable of doing hard things.  Maybe it is a team made up of Regular Joes like the many runners of Runnin’ Not Walken who have banded together to run Ragnar Relays for great causes.

It is the common person making an uncommon effort and making an impact on the world through their running aspirations.  Know anyone like that?  Nominate them in the comments section below and maybe we’ll surprise them with a feature!


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