Fundraiser Update


It’s been a little while so I thought now was as good of a time to provide a quick update on where we’re at with our fundraiser to benefit the Dee Family.

18 States!

So first off….we’ve received donations from individuals in 18 different states! That map looks amazingly green and that’s been, at minimum, a great networking success. 18 states is better than we did last year when we netted 15 states so that’s already been a win there.

Additionally, looking at our donations so far this year, we have had a lot of folks that haven’t donated yet that will be able to boost our totals tremendously. Many of those donations will color that map even more. I believe we have a solid shot at 4-5 more states which would mean we’d only need a couple more to hit 50% of the map. The cool part of that is many of those are runners supporting the team and our mission and are people who don’t know the Dee Family so that’s been a huge boost to our fundraiser.

So now for that part you’ve been waiting on….TOTALS!

In total, we have raised, in pledges, $3,031. That’s a combination of 2 Facebook Fundraisers netting us $1896, $370 in cash donations between the Arnolds and Mills, and $765 from GoFundMe.

March has been a particularly slow month for us with different things going on so of that number, so we’ve only raise a few hundred since that time. In total, by February 25th, we deposited $2,720.64 into a matching grant that the Dee’s had. That brought our overall total to $5,441.28 at that point.

Currently, we have about $150.59 that’s netted out from the online fundraisers that will be deposted soon which will double and put us over $5700 raised for them.

After talking with Jayme, they have $2040.36 left in the grant! Let’s keep working and see what we can do to eat up the rest of that number!

Donate at the link below to keep driving that number higher!

Runners Doing Good 4 Dee Family Adoption!


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