Happy Birthday!!!


Today is a special day! Today, the young lady that is arrowed, turns 14! The above picture was sent by a friend of Jayme & Tony’s to them because they noticed that M was now in the transition house that she’ll be in till she’s officially adopted by them.

My understanding is that she’s unaware of who or when the adoption will officially take place and Jayme and Tony are still waiting on some documents, etc. to go through to begin the next steps but the fact she’s moved to this location is another step in the right direction for her and them.

So today, HER BIRTHDAY, let’s keep pushing with our fundraising so that we can help them push this forward even quicker! Let’s support them and her on this special day that will be her last without a family!

Visit the link below to donate now.

Runners Doing Good 4 Dee Family Adoption


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