RDG for Dee Family Adoption


Today’s announcement is all about choices. It’s about choosing to step out and do this on our own, standing on our own 2 feet for the first time. It’s a bit risky. It’s a bit scary. It’s definitely exciting, though, because for us, it allows us to come out, be clearer and bolder in our mission than we ever have and that allows us to, hopefully, make an impact in a way that we’ve not in any year up to this point.

With that, we are excited to introduce the Dee Family to you: Tony & Jayme Dee and their 3 daughters. I have had the great fortune of knowing these two for the better part of 20 years. They are a wonderful family and it’s been a blessing to know them.

Tony was actually a runner of ours in 2016 & endured the blast furnace that Ragnar Relay Chicago was that year. He was a major contributor to our campaign to benefit Kate’s Kart. That’s just another reason why we’re excited to support them as he’s one of our own.


As a family, they’ve felt a call for awhile, to adopt internationally. They discerned that call and CHOSE to accept it but they’re not just adopting a little baby. The impact they’ll have for their family and their new daughter goes beyond a child’s infancy. They plan on adopting a young girl from Colombia who is aging out of the foster system. To be a young teen who could be emancipated, at some point, because she wasn’t wanted because she’s too “old”, and left to the world is scary and dangerous for that matter.

It could be devastating to such a young person. With them, her life’s trajectory will be altered beyond measure but to get there, it doesn’t come without a considerable cost.

The Dees are attempting to raise more than $35,000 to cover the cost and are about half way there but it’s also come with a ton of stress, as you’d imagine, in how to accomplish such a large goal.

As always, we’re going to take on another Ragnar Relay. We are firm believers that we’d not have had the success by just running a 5k. A team relay where we all can share in the suffering of the run as well as the fundraising effort is so much bigger and effective. When you have a great cause and family like this to support, we couldn’t be more excited about what we can accomplish.

That’s where RDG comes in. Our last 3 campaigns have netted more than $5,000 a piece. If we can do that again, then we can provide them with a great boost that, while it might not get them the rest of the way to their goal, maybe it helps speeds up the process of bring their world and hers together a bit quicker.

So with that, this #GivingTuesday, we’re officially kicking off our running and fundraising campaign, both on Facebook and through GoFundMe so that those that aren’t on Facebook can donate as well.

Please consider this your invitation to support this wonderful family and their dream to add a new daughter to their family and by doing so, set this girl on a lifepath that is drastically altered for the positive.

Thank you all for your past support. We’d certainly not have been able to accomplish all that we have without you all.


Gabe Arnold – Founder

Runners Doing Good


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