2020’s Vision

“Never limit your vision based on your current resources” — Michael Hyatt

That quote couldn’t ring more true right now.  Currently, as a team, we have approximately $29.48 to our name as a result of the 13 Runners Doing Good wristbands that we’ve sold so far.  Yes, we’ve covered our upfront costs on that investment but the runway is still pretty long but if I’m going to look down the runway, it begs the question…..


What do I see?  What are the steps and goals that are going to make 2020 a success?  I thought I’d share some of what I see and hope is on the horizon.  All of this could change and most likely will.  Change is often the constant in life and in how this has evolved since we’ve begun this adventure, it’s been a powerful force.

So here are the goals as we set sail for all good things in 2020.

Goal #1 – Get Runners Doing Good off of the ground as an entity.

Goal #2 – Create a logo and update the website

Goal #3 – If Goal #1 is achieve, then create a RDG Ambassador program

Goal #4 – Create the fundraising calendar

Goal #5 – Create the running calendar

Goal #6 – Lock in the major event for 2020

Goal #7 – Lock in runners for major event and RDG Ambassadors

Goal #8 – Kick some butt for great causes within the Fort Wayne community and beyond

So while it may seem like a few easy one line goals, there’s a lot of work within those goals.  Additionally, the picture is much bigger when it comes to some of those items.

For instance, the running calendar and major event line items.  In previous years, we’ve run on our own various races, etc. to train for the Ragnar Relays we’ve run but not a ton that was coordinated.  This year was the first year ran something during the year with the majority of the team involved, NeighborLink’s Night Moves.  I’d like expand upon that.

Not only would I like to have that set group for a major event but I’d like to expand the group that’s fundraising and running to a much larger group that runs local races too like the River City Rat Race, any of the runs associated with Epic Racing, and have it all the running calendar or “season” end at the Fort 4 Fitness.  I definitely want to support the local community.  If any of them want to run in a race out of town to help spread the word about our group, that’d be awesome too.

Another aspect would be associated with a fundraising calendar.  I would love to have a few charities or groups that we help but I’d like to have a few personal causes too.  I’d love to put a call out to runners to raise money in November so that we can drum up $500 to go to a local store and buy a bunch of food to take to the Community Harvest Foodbank or something along that line where we can drop off something tangible.

I’d love to have this churning along where we could cover the cost of a bunch of kids to participate in the Fort 4 Fitness kids marathon.  I think it’s important to support kids getting active so that they’re living healthy lives with fresh air and activity more often than screen time.

There are so many great organizations out there doing such varied things to help our community and in no way am I looking to replace anything they’re doing.  If we can leverage the power of the running community, which is amazing, to make our mileage count by supporting these causes, that’d be amazing.

Now the question is….who’s ready?

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