Runnin’ Not Walken Update

Happy Tuesday!  I just wanted to update you quickly on how the fundraiser to benefit NeighborLink Fort Wayne is going.  I’ll keep this brief but I realized that the last update I sent out was about how I felt that May was set-up to be a big fundraising month for us.

So the fundraising challenge I threw at the team was to raise $750 on May first and if we hit that, then anything we raised in May would be matched.  The challenge was actually $500 but knowing how awesome the team is, I knew that they could pull it off and I was right.  In total, we raised more than half of our fundraising goal of $5,000 in May and the great part is that those donations were all from private donors.  We’ve not really tapped into the local businesses yet for donations or have had any extra sponsorship dollars go into our fundraiser yet and we’ve always had a little.  Anyways, as of right now, we’ve raised more than $2700 and I can’t wait to see it turn over $3,000!

June has been a little slower but that’s to be understood.  Most of our team is made up of parents so with school winding down and summer programs taking off, there’s not been a ton of time to go after this much but here’s the silver lining to it all: we usually only start our fundraiser 3 months out.  We’ve got ourselves off to a heck of a headstart in comparison to how we usually operate things so again, there’s not a reason this doesn’t continue to grow in a big way.

It’s going to be a very exciting second half of the year.  If you have an interest in what we’re doing, you can visit to learn more and make a donation.

Thanks for reading this far and have a great Tuesday!

Happy Running,


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