What If Wednesday


I saw this picture the other day and it stuck with me a bit.  I’ve had a lot on my mind with Runnin’ Not Walken and wanting the team to succeed and so far it largely has.  We still have some big goals to hit but with our 5th year coming up next year, it’s gotten me thinking…what’s next?  There feels like there’s more to this that needs to be explored and if the chance isn’t taken or the path gone down, will later become never and a regret?

I still don’t have the answer completely but I know this….Runnin’ Not Walken is a kick-ass Ragnar Relay team name, with a cool logo for our magnets and tshirts.  Many of our fellow ragnarians comment to us during the race how cool it is the logo is and it’s one of their favorite tshirts and most sought after and sometimes stolen magnets but this I know…you can’t make money with someone else face as the logo.  If more is to be explored in this running adventure, then we’ll need something new.  As fun and cool as the RNW logo can be, the possibilities are limited.

So here’s the ultimate question:  Is it possible to organize this a bit more to serve not just Fort Wayne but other towns and cities where someone and I mean multiple someone’s are out there doing something epic to make a difference in their neighborhood.

The running community is a powerful and supportive group.  What if that power were combined a bit more where Runners Doing Good became a mantle to carry and goodness was spread around even more?

I think if the power of the running community were brought together, the  impact could be incredible.  So the question becomes, can a Runners Doing Good group request newbie runners to elite runners and everything in between?  Runnin’ Not Walken has succeeded where more and more got involved.  I think they would even more so if we’re running to benefit groups in their communities.  I could be wrong but it could be incredible to find out too.




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