Runners Doing Good: By the Numbers Post Ragnar Trail Michigan ’21

Runners Doing Good

3, 2, & 1 – Number of Ragnar Road Relays run in Chicago and Michigan and Trail Relays in Michigan

10 – Number of Vans rented

33 – Number of different runners that have run on behalf of Runnin’ Not Walken Runners Doing Good since 2015

1,097 – Miles run, in total, by Runners Doing Good

5.8 – Fewest total miles run by one runner since 2015

98.76 – Most total miles run by one runner since 2015

11 – Longest consecutive miles run during a Ragnar – Kelly Kreischer running part of runner 1’s 2nd leg and her whole 2nd leg as well.

9 – Percentage of RDG’s total miles that the runner with the most total miles has run

16 – Runners who have run at least twice with RDG

8 – Runners who have run at least 3 times

188.4 – Mileage of the shortest road course we’ve ran (2017)

128.8 – Mileage of the shortest course we’ve run – Ragnar Trail Michigan (2021)

201.1 – Mileage of the longest course we ran (2018)

31 – Fewest hours on the course for a Road Race (2015)

33.75 – Most hours on the course (2018)

32.50 – Most current course time (Ragnar Michigan ’19)

28 – Hours on the course at Ragnar Trail Michigan ’21

94 – High Temp when we finished in Chicago in 2016, the hottest temperature we’ve competed in.

43 – Low Temp during the night run in Michigan in 2018, the coldest temperature we’ve competed in

32,870 – Dollars raised for Fort Wayne area charities

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