We Interrupt Our “Why Series” to Say….

Today was supposed to wrap up our four part series on the “Why” of Runners Doing Good. I’m still very excited to share the next part of that as it’s firmly focused on NeighborLink Fort Wayne, our cause of choice. They are such a great group and I love what they do more and more as time goes on and I get to know more of the good people there. There’s a lot to appreciate about them.

But today, I’m happy to make an announcement!

For the 3rd year in a row, we will have a DONATION MATCH to help us kick-off our fundraiser! The fundraiser will officially begin on Monday March 1st and every dollar from private donors, up to $1500, will be matched dollar for dollar!

In 2020, we raised a shade over $1400 in our kick-off and fell just short of $3,000 total for the month of March. It signified a major step forward in our fundraising. 5 years in and on our 6th campaign, we’d had our best fundraising month EVER. It challenged for our best month of private donations, without the match!

And so we enter March 2021 in many ways starting over excited with the knowledge that we’ve been here before, succeeded, but still have unfinished business because of how things ended.

As Phillip Rivers, now retired QB of the Colts would say, Nunc Coepi! Begin Again! And it certainly is time to begin this running and fundraising adventure again and we do so, knowing that one of our biggest supporters is again in our corner:

Tim…you are an inspiration and we thank you for your generosity, kindness, support, and encouragement by doing our best to make you proud. We simply couldn’t do this without you and it’s an absolute honor to have you in our corner.

So here’s to March 1st and starting off strong!

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