RDG’s Self Sustaining Goal

In the article from the other day, one of the team goals was to become self-sustaining. That’s not an easy thing to become when you’re a group of runners, doing this for fun, but with a purpose. We’re not a Non-Profit who can go out there, organize, and bring in donations that benefit us directly.

Every dollar that we’ve raised has gone directly to the groups that we’ve worked to raise money for and we’ve not kept a penny. Sponsorships that we’ve received throughout the years have helped with operations but none of that is kept from year to year. If we had anything left over, those monies went directly into our fundraiser.

So here’s the cold hard truth of the reality we face in 2020. If we would have had Ragnar Relay Trail Michigan go off in June, we would have been in trouble. While we were ahead of pace on our fundraising, our sponsors were dealing with the impending consequences of Covid-19 and couldn’t commit at the level they normally would. We had enough to cover certain costs but we were still about $1500 short.

This only magnifies the want and the need to become more resourceful as a group so that if we do come up short, the runners don’t have to shoulder the full burden of the expenses to participate in this epic running events.

So here’s the ask….let’s start small. If we can sell 20 of these wristbands, that will cover the costs of running this site and get the team a runnersdoinggood email address so that we can more formally approach local businesses.

Beyond that, the more of these that we sell, the more costs we can cover on our own so that we’re not so dependent on sponsors to help boost our efforts. Selling wristbands, tshirts, or hats, could be that boost.

The hope is that through team sales that at some point, 100% of our sponsorship costs will go directly to our fundraiser. That’s a big next step but I believe that’s where this could evolve to if it gains some traction so, again, let’s start small. Let’s sell 20!

Who wants one?


Runners Doing Good Wristband

Join the movement! All purchases help cover the costs of team operations. Do some good and look good on the trail with your new Runners Doing Good wristband!


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