The Rock: Bring Everyone With You

I saw this today and while this isn’t really a running related video clip, I love the message and couldn’t help but share a few thoughts on it and how I feel it relates to what RNW and I are doing.

I share this because there’s a lot of negativity in the world and if you follow The Rock on social media to get a glimpse of him, the guy brings a lot of positive energy to the table and in this video as he accepts this award, he gives us a few lessons that he’s applied to his success.  I think this inspiration is a good way to end the week so here goes:

First Off:  “The most powerful thing that we can be is ourselves”

Isn’t this the truth?  You hear these stories all of the time where someone works their butt off to achieve a goal or dream and when they reach that milestone, they’re not satisfied.  It’s not out of a quest for “what’s next” but because they sacrificed everything, including being true to who they are, to get what they “wanted.”  It’s a sad reality but all too often true.  So do you.  You can have it both ways.  You can unceasingly keep your eye on the goal and do it your way.  It might not be the easiest road to travel upon but as, I believe, Yogi Berra said, “Take the high road.  There’s less traffic up there anyways.”

I have been blessed by the group that has made up Team Runnin’ Not Walken.  We’ve not had a superficial soul once.  We have a group that genuinely cares about the causes we’ve worked for and each other and that is without a doubt, powerful.

Secondly: “While yes it is important to be ourselves, you have to recognize the joy and responsibility to bring everybody with you.”

I’m paraphrasing the rest but he talks about being “kind and compassionate by being inclusive and just good to people”, stating that that MATTERS!  On team Runnin’ Not Walken, I have a team of people that live by that and want to help others.  It’s how we’ve had the fundraising success we’ve had.  The running part is a great adventure, a great tool to bring awareness and people’s generosity towards our charitable causes to the table but our level of running success has largely been that we’ve finished.  I’ve never told a runner no.  I’ve told people “not right now” because we had a full team but I think largely every runner that’s expressed interest in running with us has and I’m proud of that.  Running a race like what we do is a huge challenge and it’d be great to have 12 6 minute milers and win the race but, I’ve had people, every year, with something to prove to themselves and it’s an honor to witness them go for that goal.

This phrase isn’t exclusive to what we do though.  This is a great message for life in general.  Too often we’re comfortable, whether it’s in our everyday dealings with the world or even in the workplace, only dealing with the people and places that make us comfortable.  If we’d be more inclusive and open minded, we could “bring” more people into our circle and enriching it and them in the process.

It’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice

I’ve seen too many people in the world with a win at all costs mentality and some of them get far but I’ve seen far more people go much farther and be far more revered in their circles of friends and families as well as within the community because they are good and nice to those they encounter.

The result of their kindness and being nice to those they encounter is that while they’re focusing on Golden Rule principles of treating others as they would like to be treated, they’re secondarily becoming irreplaceable and important in the minds of those they encounter.

I’m fortunate and blessed to say that I’ve got a whole team of folks like this.

I hope you enjoyed the video.  It definitely kicked my day off right.  I hope it helped make your day a bit brighter.

Happy Friday!



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