2022 Campaign

Runners Doing Good will be running Ragnar Trail Michigan on June 24th & 25th to benefit, for the first time, a family directly, Jayme and Tony Dee, who are pursuing an international adoption.

Adoption is an incredible calling to say yes to but it takes a massive undertaking to make it happen. Many families simply cannot afford the pricetag to make it happy but Tony and Jayme have answered God’s call and have committed to finding a way to bring this girl home, give her a family, and change her life in immeasurable positive ways.

In total, they’ll have to raise between $35,000 and $40,000 to make this happen. They are over half way there but it’s through the hardwork of grant writing and overall hustle and grinding to sell items at garage sales, goods at craft bazaars, bake sales, making apple dumplings, and even pouring hot cocoa at holiday parades. The amount of effort, time, and stress upon them is remarkable.

Runners Doing Good hopes to provide a significant boost to their fundraising. Our last 3 campaigns that haven’t been interrupted by Covid have netted more than $5,000. That’d be a nice bump in their fundraising for them and even more so, it’s a fundraiser that they’ll not have to manage.

If you’d like to give, please visit our GoFundMe Page now: Runners Doing Good 4 Dee Family Adoption

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