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Meet the Team #7 – Chris and Gabe


Chris is a Ragnar vet and a returning runner from last year. He’s run Ragnar Napa as well as Ragnar Trail Tahoe and then last year’s Ragnar Michigan. Despite being the old man of our group, he’s probably the smoothest and fastest runner on the team. When you watch him, he just glides. He was also the last runner added to the team this year.

We had 2 spots available later than we hoped and that’s how we netted both Chris’, Brown and Menzies. Menzies became the last one when his wife Melissa sent us a picture of the Whippy Dip from the infamous incident of last year’s race and the conversation turned to…”hey we have a spot and would love to have you….if you’re available.”

Needless to say, we got lucky and Chris re-upped for another round with us. Unfortunately, we’d didn’t get Melissa this time. Maybe next year!


In his own words: I’ve said it many times: “Running a @ragnarrelay is the hardest thing that I’ve ever done that I’m almost immediately ready to sign up for after it’s over.”

This whole process from where it’s started to where it is today still astounds me. We had HOPED to raise $1,000 that first year, maintaining the idea that if we came up short, there were enough of us on the team to get the rest of the way. Now, 4 years and nearly $23,000 in total, I’m still blown away.

In the beginning, we used this huge 12 person, 200 mile relay as that banner to fly to make it look like we’re doing something big and it is without a doubt, a massive accomplishment every year when we do this but I feel like the race is the pay-off now because the biggest part of it has been that we’ve developed this passion for great local charities.

In many ways, I believe they’re the lifeline of goodness within our communities. There are few organizations that personify that more than NeighborLink Fort Wayne, with all they do. I firmly believe that when you have a great cause you’re working for, believe in it, and have a great team that works to get that message out, people respond and we’ve continually been blessed by the acquaintances , coworkers, friends, and family members that have continued to support our team year in and year out.

Most importantly, I’ve truly been lucky to have so many good people with us during this ride. I get to embark on this running adventure next week with some of the very best people I know. That’s good stuff and I am tremendously grateful to every single one of them for all they’ve done to make this a success. It simply wouldn’t have made it past year 1 without them.


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