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Meet the Team #6 – Chris and Andrew


Whether it’s Boy Scout Popcorn or running, Chris can’t resist Matt Herald. That might sound kinda weird but in the short amount of time I’ve been around and associated with Chris, he’s made it abundantly clear that Matt is what you’d call an “influencer” and he’s willing to be influenced, mainly for the good it appears. He already stockpiles the popcorn because of Matt but earlier this year Chris ran his first Indy Mini, half marathon, because of Matt. You can see from the picture, it appears that Heralds enjoy dragging him into things. 🙂

And now he’s joined Runnin’ Not Walken to run @ragnarrelay #ragnarmichigan, our 12 person, 200-ish mile adventure race. Matt talked Chris up that he would be a great fit for the team both from a personality standpoint and as a runner.

I’ve found that Chris is a lot of fun and while he’s downplayed the running part a bit, the guy has already logged 1000 miles this year! He’s going to get to run up a big hill (he calls it a mountain) on his last leg of the race but no doubt he’s up for the challenge. He’s a beast and we’re lucky to have him.


Andrew couldn’t run last year due to a family emergency and we missed him terribly.  He’s been one of our most reliable runners the last several years having come aboard Runnin’ Not Walken for the blast furnace of Ragnar Chicago ’16 and has stuck around ever since.

Last year, he has his family became our rallying cry and motivation during the race as several of us banded together to run his mileage vs adding someone at the last minute.  Gabe ran Andrew’s first 5k which ended up being his fastest leg of the race.  Ashley, a cousin in law of his, ran his night run, and then Ryan and Matt split the last one.  It was definitely a team effort to pull it together but we’re thrilled to say, “HE’S BACK!”

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