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Meet the Team #5 – Amanda and Artie


Amanda joined the team as a driver this past year and chauffeured the ladies van around Ragnar Michigan and did a wonderful job.  She is without a doubt Artie’s better half and we’re truly thrilled and fortunate to have this dynamic duo hanging with us, making sure we’re taken care of during the race, and most importantly safe from the road and driving when we’re exhausted.

The role she has taken on can not go understated, it’s crucially important to what we do. This is doable without drivers but it’s much safer and smarter with them and she’s one of the best.


Once again, we are thrilled to have Artie back with us. He has been a source of constant enthusiasm and encouragement for the team during his Ragnar driving career. Whether he has been in a jumpsuit dressed up as Cal Naughton Jr from Talladega Nights our first year or rockin’ the megaphone the past 2 years, he does a fantastic job of keeping everyone loose but more importantly, safe as he’s the one behind the wheel so that our runners don’t have to be late at night.

Artie’s antics are so infectious that Chris Menzies stated that he wasn’t coming back to the team unless Artie was driving and he got to hear “ole, ole, ole, ole” over the megaphone because running just isn’t as fun anymore without it!

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