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Meet the Team #4 – Jenn and Amanda!


So here’s the truth, if it weren’t for her, none of this would ever have been possible. In 2015 when I got this crazy idea, our youngest hadn’t even been born yet. When the first Ragnar was run, she made sure that I got out and got my mileage in so that I’d be strong for the race and wouldn’t get hurt, all the while making sure the kiddos were taken care of and ok. It wasn’t an easy ask but she tackled it head on.

In 2016, she literally saved the day for Van 1. Without her, I’m sure many of us in that van would have wilted. It was simply too hot. She had been brought aboard to help Adam Koehlke drive but he took the wheel and didn’t give it up and that worked great because she took charge of runner support and made sure we all had something to eat when we needed it and more importantly, stayed hydrated in 85+ degree heat.

In 2017, she came aboard when Ryan Koehlke got sick and couldn’t run. She had 4 weeks to get in shape after not running much in the previous 10 years. She had always been the more accomplished runner with a couple OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon‘s in the bag but life and kids had gotten in the way. And of course she rocked it.

2018 was her first Ragnar she didn’t have to rush to get ready for or be assigned a job and she again, crushed it. She is simply the anchor of this team and despite downplaying her importance to it, she holds it all together when I’m stressed out by the time race day arrives.

img_0244 (2)

Amanda is another of 2018’s newbies and probably the one that went into the race the most blind. Obviously Matt worked hard to calm her nerves but she essentially went into a race she’d never run before with a van of women she’d never met till the whole team was together about 12 hours before the race began.

Not only did she tackle the race but she took on The Ragnar Leg, a 9.1 mile, 400’ of roller coastering elevation gain, full of snaking turns, hard as hell section of the race, and flew right through it. After that, it was all downhill from there. We are excited to have her back once again as she’s such a great fit with our team, even helping recruit her friend Amy-Jo that we’ve already announced.





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