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Meet the Team #3 – Matt and Michael

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Matt was another Ragnar Rookie of ours in 2018 but he’d been working on joining RNW since 2016 as he’d reached out to us a couple times to see if we had spots available. Our policy had always been to try to find people that fit together well and bringing in someone without much connection to the majority of the team could be tough. A Ragnar is a difficult challenge and that’s not counting the running. If you’re not feeling well in the middle of the night, who do you turn to?

Well, we went against what had been policy to welcome Matt onto the team last year and it was the best decision that’s been made in a long time. His enthusiasm for running has bled over to the rest of us along the way. He’s a great teammate and willing to help with nearly anything we need, plus he brought his better half, Amanda along for the ride last year as well as helping recruit Amy Jo for this year.

In many ways though, Matt has been an inspiration. He started running as he focused on a healthier lifestyle for himself and his family and he found out that anything was possible. He ran a mile and learned he could do that and then a 5k, which became a 10k, half marathons, full marathons, and then recently an Ironman 70.3 triathalon. He’s shown that if you’re determined and willing to work for it, you truly can accomplish anything you set your hear to and we’re proud to have him on the team.


Michael’s got a pretty cool story himself over the last couple of years. A former starting lineman for Ohio Dominican, Michael joined the team for the infamous blast furnace of Ragnar Chicago 2016. During that time he’s gotten more and more aggressive with his training and his times have improved considerably.
This year, in preparation for Ragnar Michigan 2019, he ran the Flying Pig Marathon back in May and his training led him to run more than 80 miles in July alone. For a guy his size it’s pretty remarkable to hear that he can turn in sub 2 hour half marathons.

We really are lucky to have him back as he takes on his 4th Ragnar which will put him in 3rd place for most miles run over that time as he’s projected to run his 60th mile for the team.

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