Indy Mini Update


“Disappointment is a temporary obstacle on the road to success.”

Disappointments are bound to happen along the road and this isn’t the first by any means and all is definitely not lost but let’s cut to the chase:

I won’t be running the Indy Mini this year.  I had been progressing well with my training with a few hiccups mixed in, as to be expected, but I got hit by a double whammy over the last couple of weeks.

First, I went for what at the time was my 8 mile long run.  I was really excited about it because I had never run that far.  In several of my ragnar legs, I’ve got 6.5-7.5 but never beyond that.  8 was going to be a big deal and I was pumped for it.  I was also going to run a new set of trails along Bass Rd here on the west side of Fort Wayne that Fort Wayne Trails is going to connect from Scott all the way to Ardmore at some point and it’s exciting to have a new path so close to home now.  It all added up for what was supposed to be a great run, until it wasn’t.

I started in Buckner Park, did a loop along their trail in the park, came out and headed west towards Hadley Road, turned around, came back to Buckner with a loop in the oppositive direction and then as I was hopping back out onto Bass to head up the road, I could feel my right hip starting to flare up.  It had been an issue in the fall leading up to Ragnar Michigan.  I stopped, stretched a bit and headed back out and up over the bridge, down the hill and back up the next and repeated it back.  I went back into Buckner and I could really feel myself compensating for my hip and the next thing I knew I had a pain in my left foot that started just below my ankle and it was now, 3.5 miles or so in, tightening everything from there up to my knee.  I stretched it out again and looped around Buckner and got around to where my car was and the pain was excruciating.  I was angry and frustrated almost to tears admittedly.  I called it that day with about 3 1/2 – 4 more miles to go.  I decided that it was time to check in with my doctor.  I left a message and Monday morning got confirmation for an appointment a week ago.

So the appointment comes and I’m in the waiting room and the place is packed and all I can think is, “I’m hoping to maybe still pull this off but if she says no, it’ll be ok and also…I don’t want to get sick.  This place isn’t good today.”  That night I started throwing up.  More on that later.

Long and short, the doctor did knock me down to 3-4 mile runs as I could tolerate it to lessen any inflammation I might have and start building back up again.  I also got a referral for some physical therapy so I’m going to check that out too.  Jenn and I had already visited Fleet Feet to get some new shoes so hopefully between all of that, even though my Indy Mini goals were shelved for a year, I’ll be stronger.

The most important thing to me was that nothing was really wrong though with the stress fracture, etc. and that’s the case it appears.  The Ragnar and our efforts for NeighborLink Fort Wayne really are the most important thing for me.  This was the first true personal goal with running that I was going to take a stab at so it really stinks but I can run 3-4 for right now.

This winter/cold spring has lingered on and I was good for 7 miles on the treadmill but the impact of the pavement really bothered the hip but my hope is that with continually working on those distances that I’ll build up much more slowly and be better for it.

So that’s that.  The Flu from Hell?  it’s hard to believe it was a week ago.  I’ve not been able to run because of it, in fact, I’m still tired and exhausted and quite week from it honestly.  I lost nearly 10lbs in 60 hours.  So here’s to gaining a little more pep in my step going forward so that I can run.  Jenn and I have a 5k with Amanda and Kelly from Runnin’ Not Walken and I know I’m going to be a couple steps slow but I’m excited to see them and get back out there.

All is not lost.  It’s just a sidestep in the plan.  2019 is still going to be a great year!







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