Sunday Inspiration 4/7

Or should I say in need of some inspiration?  I was really excited for this weekend.  I took Friday off to spend time with Jenn and the kids for the last day of Spring Break and I had two true goals: enjoy my time with them and get at least an 8 miler in.  I can honestly say that one of those items was definitely accomplished and that’s the silver lining here but damn…the other thing.  The below look is where I was with the other thing.2e7754d6-443c-4e35-a49a-50649080eb84

My last Indy Mini update was all about how I was feeling much better again after some rest.  I got a 6.5 mile run on the treadmill last Sunday, a 5k in on Tuesday and I just hadn’t had time to get back to it till Saturday which was less than ideal but I got to 4.5 and about died.

It wasn’t that I was winded.  That part was pretty good and in fact, I was determined that if I wasn’t going to be fast that I could at least get out there for an hour and a half or more because I’ve never run 8 miles before and quite frankly, it freaks me out a bit.  The Indy Mini and all of it’s 13.1 even more so.  The frustrating part was that physically, I couldn’t make it half way on Saturday.

I started to feel twinges in my hip that’s bothered me off and on since the fall and then I had this tightness from hell that started on top of my left foot and slowly and painfully crept its way up the left side of my left leg.  I ran 3 very consistent miles and then got to somewhere around 3.5 and the pain was enough that I stopped what I was doing, stretched some more and decided to keep going.  My path was looped so I had a chance to get back around towards my car to get a drink if I needed to and the last time I came around, I stopped, stretched, and got in the car and started cussing because I was so mad and in so much pain.

When I had seen the chiropractor a week or so ago, he said I may have had a strain or tear at some point in the gluteus medius insertion point and that with some rolling it could break up any old scar tissue and make it feel better.  He was right.  Every time I had Jenn roll or apply specific pressure to that spot, it hurt like hell but 100% of the time it felt better but the problem has been that it keeps coming back.  In fact, I’m sitting here and it hurts.

I came home after that run and if I’m being honest, the pain was enough between the left leg and my hip that combined with the frustration, I was practically in tears.  I already have a doctor’s appointment set up for something else but I left them a message to look into the hip.  That’s a week from Tuesday so I have a bit of time here to get feeling better and see what I can tolerate.

That all said, something else from my visit to Dr. Clark, my chiropractor, hit me and he’s a runner and he said that whenever he starts to have issues, he rests a bit and buys new shoes.  He figures that if the pain continues then it’s not the shoes and he’ll at least hold on to them for when he’s feeling right again.  If the pain subsides, then he knows that the shoes were the fix and he’ll go with the new ones.  This all got me thinking about the pain I have, etc. and I got the pain about the time I got these shoes.  I don’t know if it’s a direct correlation or not but I thought it couldn’t hurt to check this aspect of things out either.

My parents were kind enough today to take the kids to lunch after church which allowed Jenn and I a bit of time for us which was nice.  It seems like we rarely get any just us time lately so after a nudge, the decision was to go to the local Fleet Feet.  I absolutely love that store.  I’ve not met a bad person there.  It’s terrible but I’ve talked to this one gal there a few times in my visits but I’ve never gotten her name.  She’s fantastic.  From her to Kevin the owner to everyone else I’ve met there, they’re all just awesome people.

Last fall when I was cranking my training for Ragnar Michigan up a notch or two, I bought new shoes there but I just got the same size and upgraded model of Asics that I’ve been buying and I didn’t really get fitted.  Those shoes have been fantastic for me and I just haven’t had an issue.  Fleet Feet had been the first place to recognize that I had arches that collapsed and needed some more arch support.  My arches collapsed enough that when I was fitted about 3 years ago, I went from a resting 12 to a standing 12 1/2 sized shoe.  I was blown away.  I’ve never been in a 12 1/2.  Today, I was blown away again.

Mystery Lady helped us out again and they’ve had a 3D foot analyzer for about 2 years but being that my previous set of shoes was prior to that, I’ve missed out on that fun so she had me take my socks off and roll up my pant legs and it checked out my feet and to my surprise, it’s recommendation was not a 12 1/2 but a 13 as well as that one arch drops terribly like I thought and the other, not so much.  They eyeballed me in the past so I get the idea that they might have gotten that wrong but she hadn’t been the one to fit me in the past and her recommendation was to go a half size bigger which I thought was a HUGE change and the truth is, it’s really only 1/8th off an inch longer than the next smallest size.  She felt I was in a shoe that was too small.  She said that when we run, our foot actually swells 10 – 20%.  That’s a huge difference.  She said if you’ve ever felt your feet feel tight in a shoe even though you have the “right” size, it could be that you’re in too small of a shoe.  That’s exactly how my left foot felt on Saturday.

Anyways, I am trying a new shoe.  I didn’t run today, Sunday.  I instead spent a couple hours with my little man taking in “How to Train Your Dragon 3” which was a blast with him.  We got a Sprite and ate our weight in popcorn.  It was a great time.  I’m not sure what tomorrow holds but I’m hoping to run at least a 5k around here to see what I really think of these.  I’ve never bought Hoka’s before but I’ve heard really good things so I’m giving it a shot.

I’m not sure what May looks like for the Indy Mini.  If I can pull of the 5k, I’ll push it back up to 5 or 6 and then really continue to crank this up, see what the Doc says on the 16th and go from there.  Part of me feels like it’s too much ground to make up in a short amount of time.  We’ll see.

What is most important to me is that if there is a medical issue, that I get it taken care of quickly.  The half marathon was more something to challenge myself and see what I could pull off and get myself in better shape for the Ragnar in the fall.

That’s ultimately where I need to be good.  I’ve invested too much time and effort these last few years to not be able to pull off what’s necessary with Team Runnin’ Not Walken so if it makes sense to play Indy safe and not do it, I’ll do it and follow whatever my doctor tells me.

That doesn’t mean I’m not frustrated, not a bit angry and ticked off, and just overall down a tad about it.  If you’ve ever gone through a running injury, how’d you get through it?


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