Indy Mini Update!

While I was thinking that this wasn’t possible before, I’m starting to believe.    I’ve gotten to the point where 90 minutes on a treadmill is doable.  I know that the Mini will be another hour for me if I run at a 10 minute pace but when I’ve been outside, the mileage has felt good and.  The only hang up I have is that my back and hip started bothering me lately, which was an issue last fall during my training for the Ragnar.

Jenn has pushed me to get it looked at and usually rest has been enough but after laying on the floor so that I could get a little one to sleep, I couldn’t sit up when I woke up in bed on Sunday morning.  My back was as stiff as it has ever been and both of my hips, especially my right one that bothered me in September.  I broke down and agreed to go to a chiropractor for an evaluation.  I mean agreed but she made the appointment so I didn’t have a choice.  J

Not to my surprise, he noted that I need to stretch more.  He said it’s beneficial for long term, especially longer distance, running.  Then he checked out my back which had a catch in it and he got that to pop which felt pretty good.  It feels as loose as it has in a couple weeks now.

Lastly, the hip…he felt I have I have an irritation of the bursa in my hip and not necessarily an IT band issue.  He advised me to use a roller to apply pressure and that it should actually feel better the more it’s leaned into.

In all, I feel better about this.  I was honestly to the point where the longer distances and times on the treadmill were making me feel like I could do this and then to feel like I could barely walk, let alone run, I was starting to feel disappointed that this might not be doable.  Now I feel like I have a few answers for how to handle the hip.  I’m pretty enthusiastic about this.

It’s time to ramp up for the homestretch and kick some butt!  Let’s go!37587303_race_0_056116445249053126_display


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