Why Ragnar?


For me, the thought of running wasn’t exactly ideal, especially individually.  2 vans, 12 people and 200 miles isn’t something easily tackled but it was intriguing nonetheless.  Once I pulled it off once, it was something that HAD to be done.

I’ve run 65 miles over the last 4 years and I’ll say the following about it:

  • Running is the easy part
  • Adults running with nothing tying them down for a guaranteed 30 hours become childlike.
  • It is the hardest thing I’ve ever done where moments later I’m ready to sign up again.
  • For a fundraising event, something that epic certainly gets people’s attention

Every year has had it’s own vibe and this year’s was particularly fun with so many new faces on Team Runnin’ Not Walken but it was a blast.  If you’ve not considered running a Ragnar Relay, I’d highly reccommend it.

Despite it’s difficulties, the challenge of it all provides meaning to each and every runner because if they can pull that all off, they can do anything.

If you’ve ever run a Ragnar Relay, what’s your favorite location?


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